Commercial Airless Spray Equipment Types And Repairs

The professional painters and builders for the perfection in their work; use air operated equipment for all kinds of big area painting jobs like wall, building and construction, metal structure, fabrication, ship yards and decks, factory, residential, commercial, interiors and exteriors decoration. Not only this but also spraying all kind of primers, basecoat, topcoat, latex, paint, emulsions, oil based and water based coatings, enamels, etc.

Involving what is called as hydraulic pressure the Airless spray gun is an unusual gun generally brought to use for spraying purposes where in it forcibly pushes the coating which comes out via a small vent. The hydraulic pump in this gun drastically increases speed and pressure when spraying a coating. It is necessary to maintain a low air pressure which will be instrumental in the atomization and will also serve as a helping hand in the production. Higher then required pressure results in higher air consumption, also higher electrical costs. So, it is more economical to apply the finish coat in one pass than using two thinner coats. Less paint is used and less electricity is consumed. But the coating needs to be checked for its proper results. Airless pump types are of two type piston and diaphragm.

A piston pump has many components including a piston, V packaging and spray valve. A piston moves up creating vacuum to suck up the paint into the chamber, the fluid section, and piston moves down the paint into high – pressure hose. Piston pumps has many advantages like better atomization , less spitting, ability to use longer hoses, easy to repair, faster start up. Although there are certain points to remember while using it like, it has initial higher purchasing price however it is cheap to maintain.
For airless sprayer repairs proper lubrication of the spray gun is required. Parts like fluid needle, trigger bearing screw requires lubrication with petroleum gun lube. The fluid needle spring also needs lubrication with petroleum jelly. Air cap also needs cleaning, by emerging it in clean solvent. Also it can be done by using bristle brush to clean the dried can be dipped in solvent and use tooth pick to clean it.

Whether we are cleaning heavy equipment, trucks and trailers, farm equipment’s, building and decks, patios and driveways or some occasional cleaning job, through pressure cleaners the job can be done quickly and effectively. It helps in taking up the tough jobs for industries, agriculture, civil, construction, marine and mining cleaning challenges. Not only for heavy jobs but also can help with light jobs like cleaning cars and other home equipment’s. It works by drawing water in and ejecting it under pressure through a lance. They come with three operating leads, a power lead for motor to pressurize the water, a connection from the water source and last the lance where the pressurized water comes out. So the pressure cleaners should be best in performance, fastest in cleaning and should be easier to use. The pressure cleaners are also available on rental purpose, so to make it easier, where not much maintenance is required regularly.

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