Know Which Of Your Factory’s Apparatus Need To Be Periodically Calibrated

The Scales Used for Weighing Material

You no doubt have a few weighing scales atyour industrial unit to measure the quantities of different types of material that are procured to be employed in the production process. 

These scales are some of the most important devices which need effective electrical equipment calibration, as they are used very frequently to weigh possibly heavy weights at one go, which can increase the probability of the readings not being as accurate as they should. In order to maintain the integrity of the scale readings and the quality standards of these devices, it is advisable that they are calibrated whenever the need to do soarises.

The Meters that Measure Pressure and Compression

Most factories and industrial work spaces require the use of a number of meters, especially in the process of quantifying air pressure and compression. Depending on how frequently these meters are used, they will need to be inspected and serviced several times during their useful lives to ensure that they are provide precise readings. Trusted traceable calibration is recommended to be performed on such meters as this will allow you to have a constant record of the measurements provided and thus help highlight any inaccuracies. This will also allow you to make sure that the meters in your manufacturing plant are in par with Australian and international standards, which will in turn, ensure safety, efficiency and consistency. 

The Gear You Use to Measure Force and Power

There is surely gear in and around the factory of which the sole purpose is to measure the force, moment and power such as jacking systems, torque wrenches, bottle torque testers, proving rings and load cells. These items need to be serviced andcalibrated at least once a year, in some instances more frequently than this, depending on the brand of the gear. During the standard service, you can not only have these items calibrated and made more accurate, but also repaired, cleaned and adjusted so that the measurements provide you with the correct readings of force and power. Inaccurate readings can affect the whole process of production and can even result in the malfunction of machinery and therefore product defects. So be sure to have these gears calibrated in a timely manner.

The Machines which Need to be Climate Controlled

There may be a number of machines used in your factory premises such as hand held thermometers, hydrometers, incubators, freezers, moisture meters, ovens, drying oven, etc. in the production process. Almost all of these pieces of machinery have meters to control their internal temperature as they need to be maintained at different levels depending on the functions which they perform. These meters need to be calibrated and maintained in order to be able to give proper readings of the temperature within each of these machines. Most of the time, these meters can be calibrated within the factory premises itself and will be fit to resume work within a few days.

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