Types of Themes For A Bathroom

Choosing a suitable theme is one of most challenging task during the process of designing your bathroom. At present, there are a number of choices available and you can select your favourite theme from a heterogeneous collection. Here are a few examples.

Wooden theme

When choosing this particular theme for your bathroom, you need to ensure that every aspect starting from the walls to the ceramics should resemble a wooden atmosphere. With regard to the walls, it can be built from pure wood or if it is already constructed through bricks, you have the choice of painting it with shades of brown. Other items such as cupboards and bathtubs can also be chosen in wood. Some prefer to have the sink and shower room in white along with a few vivid lights which compliments the rest of the room.

Royal theme

Some prefer a royal theme over the others as it adds a sense of elegance. Furniture for bathroom with this particular theme involves furniture and other items that mostly consist of heavy designs. The colour code would most be shades of gold, black, brown and white. You can select a sink and a bath tub which has various carvings or stone designs. Glass shower screens in Brisbane are also ideal along with a curtain that bears a resemblance to a royal setting.

Modern setting

People often choose this option nowadays as there a variety of new designs available for bathrooms in the market. One option is to have all items in white which will not only add a sophisticated look, but will also make the room look brighter. One of the modern designs is to have glass shower screens installed and to keep one of the sides open. Moreover, consider moving your focus away from pedestal sinks and purchase a vessel or a wall mounted sink.

Cottage theme

This is indeed a very eye catching and a simple design for a bathroom. A floral design for the walls will be ideal if you choose a cottage theme for your bathroom. The entire room should consist of items and furniture that carry simple designs. Subway tiles and vintage colours are suitable along with a few charming rod pocket curtains for the windows.

The above information provides a wide range of choices to choose from when you are faced with the challenge in deciding which best fits your bathroom. Hence, you can be more attentive to each item that you purchase to ensure that it matches the theme which you prefer in every way.

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