What To Do When You End Up Moving Due To Work

Whether you consider it a blessing in disguise or a complete mistake, when your boss orders you to move to the other end of the country for work, you end up having to do it (or find another job in this economy in crisis). Usually when you get orders for moving to another area you get an automatic promotion added as a bonus so there is no big issue, but there are things that you need to be aware of before you leave and start anew.

Where are you going?

Check out the reputation and specifics of the new office you are going to settle at. Check out the internal documents to figure out the hierarchy in that office and know-how of the people. You might get an initiation when you get there or just slaps of reality but it is better to guard yourself against any nasty surprises by doing some reconnaissance before you go. Ask your friends and acquaintances in that area about the general work life habits.

Relocation benefits

If you are not getting that promotion attached to your relocation documentation, then it is time to have an indirect talk about benefits of relocation from your superiors. If there is a designated benefits coordinator then it will make it easier for you extract information. Sometimes your moving expenses, a place to stay at, insurance and other things are covered by the company itself so make sure you know what you are getting in return.

Getting your stuff organized and servicing a furniture removalist

While your documentation is getting processed, you will have to decide on your moving checklist and also check out the real estate in the place you are to move to. Getting the help from a furniture removal will help with movers who do not want to move the items into their trucks (you get those too). Your checklist should be ready when you go and check out the place you are going to be staying at so you can edit it as necessary to figure out which items can stay and which have to be donated or returned to your parent’s place.

If you have to sell your old place then you have to make the arrangement for a realtor to come and check out the place and you will have to clean up the place beforehand as well.

When you are making the travel arrangements, make sure to have everything rechecked and the utilities for the old house cut off and the new house ones activated by the time you get there.

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